Getting You Ready To Use Your Weapon

welcome to bullseye training academy

Bullseye Training Academy is a Central California-based organization built to help you learn the proper way to use your weapon. Our mission is to train you in a way where you will learn a safe, thorough, and professional way to use your weapon as a responsible weapon owner.


We can provide you a number of different services that meet your needs. We can assist you with a carried conceal weapons permit whether this is the first time you are applying or looking to renew your current permit. Our CCWs are recognized by Fresno Country, Tulare Count as well as Arizona non-resident.


Upcoming Classes

We usually hold two classes per month here are our classes for the next month.

July 23, 2022

BTA Release Form

After you have set up and confirmed you class. Every person in your party must fill out and bring a release form with you upon taking the class. The form can be found with the link below.